Downfall of Gaia – „Atrophy“ LP Design/Layout

For I Am King – „Daemons“ Digipack / LP Design & Layout

Red Apollo – „Altruist“ Digipack / LP Design & Layout

Downfall of Gaia – „Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay“ CD & LP Design/Layout

Red Apollo – „Split Designs – Withers & Gottesmorder“ 7″ Single Design/Layout

Krimh – „Krimhera“ CD Digipack Design/Layout

Red Apollo – „Marche Funebre“ CD Design/Layout

Glass Promises – „Harbour“ CD Promo/Online Release Design/Layout

Mesmerized by Misery- „Nurturing the Vultures“ CD Digipack Design/Layout

Promo CD / „VISIONS Magazine“ & „Season Of The Witch“

Bonjour Tristesse – „Par un sourire“ – Front Cover Design / Layout