Sascha, a freelance graphic designer from Dortmund/Germany. I´m listening to a lot of different kinds of music and
play drums in a band. I prefer to work in simple black & white and mainly use a bunch of dark stuff.
But I´m always open to new projects & clients – so don´t hesitate to ask any kind of question.

Do you need a design? Logo? Poster? Someone to talk?
Feel free to write a mail or message . . .

Ages (US) / Cannoneer (GER) / Cough (US) / Dead & Divine (CAN) / Deprevation (GER) / Downfall Of Gaia (GER)
Everything Went Black (US) / For Better Endings (SGP) / Ghostwriter (GER) / Gottesmorder (ITA) / Gust (SWE) / Hierophant (ITA)
I Am Heresy (US) / Kerim Lechner/Krimh  (AUT/POL) / Lewd Acts (US) / Planks (GER) / Red Apollo (GER) / Ringworm (US)
Rob Zombie (US) / Skeletonwitch (US) / Sundowning (GER) / Totem Skin (SWE)
Thy Art Is Murder (AUS) / Tragedy (US) / War From A Harlots Mouth (GER)

Borussia Dortmund (GER) / Visions Music Magazine (GER) / Fuchsteufelswild Clothing Co. (GER) / Pitchback Music Studios (GER)
Armentrout Handmade Pipes (US) / Farbaffäre Tattoostudio (GER) / Carsten Fuhrmann Tattoohandwerk (GER) / DG-Med (GER)
Corponet (GER) / Alerta Antifascista Records (GER) / Moment Of Collapse Records (GER)
Witchsister Photography (GER) / Graphic Nature Management (AUS) / Deathbreath Photography (GER)